Goodmans Open Call for 4E GSL Book of Rituals

Goodman hat einen offenen Aufruf für ihr geplantes Book of Rituals für DnD 4E gestartet.

Do you design new rituals for your home D&D games? Are your players always coming up with new
ideas? This is your chance to become a published author and get paid in the process!

This is an open call for 4E game designers who want to contribute to Book of Rituals, a hardback compilation that will see print in the fall. This is paid work-for-hire. All accepted submissions become the property of Goodman Games, and contributors receive 3 cents per word, printed credit, and a copy of the published book.

Goodman Games is looking for rituals!

For full details on how to become a published writer, visit the Book of Rituals open call on our web site.“

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