Twilight Falling von Paul S. Kemp als Gratis-eBook

Twilight Falling für die Vergessenen Reiche gibt es momentan als Gratis-eBook. Das Werk stammt aus der Feder von Paul S. Kemp, welcher den Abschlußroman zur Krieg der Spinnenkönigin-Saga sowie den Auftaktroman zur Sembia-Reihe beigesteuert hat.

Hier wird man fündig!

Zum Band heißt es:


The darkness mirrored Cale’s mood. Dark thoughts filled his mind, violent, bloody thoughts. He reached out his consciousness to his god and requested spells that would harm his enemies. Mask answered.


„I know what it is, Erevis Cale,“ Sephris cut in, smiling broadly. „I simply do not know its fate. Except that it is entangled, infinitely entangled, with you two.“


Riven was off like a bowshot, dancing nimbly between the patrons. Cale, trailing a step or two behind and much larger than the assassin, had to shove his way through. He had no idea what was coming, but he knew it would be bad.


When his feeble human fingers had once more become his claws, when his mouth had once more become his maw, he gave the halfling a grin wide enough to swallow the little creature’s head. When the halfling’s prayers turned to mental screams, Serrin smiled. He enjoyed the fear for a moment, then began to administer pain.

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