Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Review

Da die vierte Edition von Dungeons & Dragons ein Fehlschlag war, ist es nun raus: Wizards wartet mit der 5ten Edition auf.

Und Gamegrene hat schon nen Blick draufgeworfen.

Möglicherweise will Euch jemand erzählen, dass es eine Art Aprilscherz ist. NEIN! Keinesfalls! Denn:

In closing, you should definitely download a copy of D&D 5e. I’ll post the torrent later. Since it’s a free game now (completely ad supported in the ebook, but I’ll write an article soon on how to block those) there’s no piracy going on with 5e. Just download, share, and play! It’s an amazing game that brings a new dawn to Role-Playing, and best of all it’s definitely something you can play with your friends while you’re waiting for a WOW raid to start. You can level up 5 or 6 times before the raid, then play some WOW, then do a few more during the raid… You can all hit level 50 inside of a week or two of playing 5e, even if you only play it around other activities, so it’s easy, it’s quick and it’s fun. Campaigns don’t take years any more – just a month. With D&D 5e, it’s really like an epic fantasy story that you can always win. Adventure, excitement, balance, and awesomeness.

Dank auch an den Finder ins Tanelorn.

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