[PF] Adventure, Dungeons & Danger – Horror at Dagger Rock (gratis)

Zum Start seiner neuen PFRPG-kompatiblen Abenteuerserie „Adventure, Dungeons & Danger“ hat Sagawork Studios das Abenteuer WG0 – Horror at Dagger Rock als kostenlosen Download zur Verfügung gestellt. Das Abenteuer ist stolze 74 Seiten dick.


„At the edge of the Daggerstone Hills is Dagger Rock; a pinnacle of granite that thrusts more than one thousand feet into sky. At its base sits Relford; one of the oldest and most popular mining settlements in the region. Since a recent earthquake, Relford is slowly dying: The mine has closed and the mighty Rel River has all but dried up. Terrified locals flee their homes, abandoning their meagre livelihood with no explanation. Those that remain keep their doors locked and are wary of strangers. There is talk that some people have simply disappeared…

It is said that between the dark and dead trees of the hills, inhuman tribes lurk, preying on the unwary. Who knows what horrors have crawled from out the shadow of Dagger Rock?

An adventure designed for 4-6 characters of levels 1-3.“

Gedownloaded? Gelesen? Mitreden?

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